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Use Shungite for EMF Protection

Shungite For Emf Protection

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Primarily used for purifying water, more and more people are using shungite for EMF protection… Why? Well… it actually does a good job at reducing EMF! It’s a rare and amazing rock that’s only found in the Karelia region of Russia, close to the Shunga Village… thus the name: Shungite. But not all shungite is created equally. Learn how to easily recognize and verify you have genuine shungite, so you don’t get scammed  out of the radiation protection you need.

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a black rock made mostly of carbon (up to 98% carbon in the best shungite). If you know a thing or two about activated charcoal, it has similar properties for purification but shungite takes it to the next level because it has fullerene carbons.

Fullerenes in Shungite

Carbon can come in different forms (what scientists call allotropes) like: graphite, charcoal, diamond… and fullerene. Most people haven’t heard of fullerenes… and that’s because they are rare. Fortunately, even though it is rare, there are lots of affordable options out there that are still packed with fullerenes. Under a microscope, they look kinda like a mesh soccer ball that is hollow in the middle. It’s a quite complex, hollow structure that can conduct electricity… making it a powerful antioxidant, purifier, and EMF neutralizer. Even ancient civilizations tapped into its health benefits.

Shungite has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. One of the earliest accounts is from Peter the Great, where in 1719 he opened Marcial Waters Resort in Karelia because the waters cure “… various cruel illnesses…” He even went as far to have his men carry a stone of shungite in their backpacks and in their water containers.

Now that you have Peter the Great’s endorsement, you need to know how to identify and verify you have genuine shungite.

Different Types and Qualities of Shungite and How to Tell them Apart

Shungite is grouped into different types based on how much carbon it contains. By looking at she shininess and color you can usually tell which type it is.

Type 1: Elite, Noble, or Silver Shungite

  • Quality: Excellent
  • Carbon Content: 98%+ Carbon
  • Appearance: Kind of looks like a piece of metal but is quite light and shiny. It can’t be carved and shaped because it’s too flaky. So these will be rugged, shiny pieces. Only 1% of shungite is Type 1 quality, so these can be pricy.

Type 2: Black Shungite

  • Quality: Very good
  • Carbon Content: 50%-70% Carbon
  • Appearance: Often used in sculptures and jewelry, it can easily shaped into cylinders, pyramids, or spheres. It’s black with semi-dull luster (unless it has been polished).

Type 3: Gray Shungite, Shungite Rock

  • Quality: Better Than Nothin’
  • Carbon Content: 30%-50% Carbon
  • Appearance: Gray in color with a dull or matte luster.

*There are also types 4 and 5 that contain less than 20% carbon but not typically sold.

In general, the shinier and blacker… the better the shungite is for EMF protection.

So if you’re shopping around and find one that is carved/shaped and it says that it is 98%+ carbon… Don’t be fooled. It probably isn’t. Worse yet, you may run into fake shungite and will need to verify that it is genuine.

How to Tell Genuine Shungite from Fake – The Light bulb Test

Besides the visual indicators, genuine shungite conducts electricity, so you can use the ‘light bulb test’ to verify that it is genuine. Here’s what you do once you receive your shungite:

  • Step 1: Use a sharp blade to scrape at a small, inconspicuous area of the shungite to ensure it hasn’t been coated with metallic paint. If any flakes peel or come off, then report this to the seller and get a refund (often the resellers don’t even know that it’s fake).
  • Step 2: Take the bulb out of a standard flashlight and use a 9 volt battery and a couple of wires to perform the test.
step 1 for verifying shungite for emf protection
  • Step 3: Test to make sure the light bulb lights up when the wires touch the positive and negative areas of the bulb.
step 2 for verifying shungite for emf protection
  • Step 4: Place the positive terminal of the bulb on the shungite, with the negative wire touching the light and connected to the battery.
  • Step 5: Touch the wire connected to the positive battery terminal anywhere on the shungite.
step 3 for verifying shungite for emf protection

If the light bulb shines then you’ve got genuine shungite… if not then get a refund. If you don’t have wires and a battery, then this test can also be done using the flashlight itself by taking the bottom off a flashlight and then use the shungite to touch the bottom of the battery and the side of the flashlight bottom at the same time. A multimeter that can test for resistance also works really well.

Once it passes the genuinity test, you’re ready to use your shungite for EMF protection!

How to Use Shungite for EMF Protection

To use shungite for EMF protection, you only need to put it in the area of the EMF. By your computer, router, microwave… you name it. Put it in-between you and the source of EMF for best results, and let the fullerenes do their thing!

Besides the chunks of elite shungite, there are a number of options to choose from:

Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings: Besides the radiation protection, many people wear these to treat health conditions, improve blood pressure, circulation, stamina, and harmonize their body into a well-oiled machine.

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Pyramids, Cylinders, Cubes, & Tiles: Place these on or around electronic devices (i.e. computers, microwaves, WiFi routers, wireless printers… etc.) to reduce EMF. It’s also believed that it harmonizes the remaining EMF so that it’s not as harmful. It doesn’t really matter what shape you use… just pick the one that you prefer for your situation.

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Small Adhesives: These are thin pieces of shungite that are square, rectangular or round can be purchased and applied to your mobile devices (such as cell phones). Applying them to the case works just as well.

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Powders: While not used for EMF protection, powdered shungite can be mixed with water and applied to the skin for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are believed to fight aging.

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Raw: You can also buy raw shungite by the bag-full.

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Shungite for EMF Protection in Action

It’s always nice to see that this stuff works! Here’s a video I found showing how shungite can reduce EMF.

Taking care of your shungite

When it comes to EMF protection shungite helps, but it’s not a cure-all. Creating an EMF free zone in your home is where your primary focus should be. Nevertheless, many find shungite to be a helpful, low-maintenance addition to the family. When you receive your shungite, it will probably be dusty, so wash it thoroughly with clean water before using (you can even scrub it with a toothbrush). Some experts recommend that you periodically ground your shungite (by placing it in or on the ground outside overnight) or leave it out in the sun to give it a bit of a recharge… and others say that this isn’t necessary. If you get a chance, let me know what your experience with shungite has been.

Other Uses of Shungite

Besides EMF protection, people use shungite for:

  • Water purification: The original use of shungite.
  • Spiritual harmony (vibrational balance): Removing toxic influences from your life, especially when combined with other crystals.
  • A powerful antioxidant, anti fungal, and antibacterial: Promotes better health by absorbing bacteria, pesticides, and free radicals.
  • Better, more rejuvenating nights rest: By place spheres or pyramids around bed for to counteract insomnia, headaches, and reduce side-effects from stress.

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