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Use a WiFi Router Guard for EMF Protection

Wifi Router Guard

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Home WiFi signals today are WAY stronger than they need to be. At any time you could check and see how many WiFi signals you pick-up, and chances are you will see more than a few. I can usually see 4-8 different networks at any time from my home… and some of them are from homes down the street. Your strong, in-home WiFi is bombarding you with extra EMF that you don’t need. That’s why it’s so important to have a WiFi router guard. It’s a an absolute must if you plan to have WiFi in your home.

Unless you’re living off-the-grid, you are bathing in EMF as soon as you step outside your home. You need to make your home an EMF refuge, a place where you can truly rejuvenate. Too much EMF has been linked to sleeplessness, brain fog, headaches, heart arrhythmia… and even cancer! Once you get EMF levels down to safe levels you’ll not only feel better, but families often report more stable moods and a peaceful atmosphere. Many families are opting out of WiFi altogether.

But let’s face it… most of us are addicted to WiFi and you would likely have a mutiny on your hands trying to cut it out completely. Get started with the essential baby step of getting a WiFi router guard. It can cut harmful EMF up to 90%+ while still allowing you to conveniently connect.

What is a WiFi router guard?

A WiFi router guard is a metal mesh box or pouch that you can put your wireless router inside of to cut EMF radiation and often goes by other names, such as:

  • RF shielding
  • Signal tamer
  • WiFi RF blocking cover
  • RF radiation shield
  • and… Faraday Cage

The term ‘Faraday cage’ comes from the scientist Michael Faraday’s experiments (1800’s) where he found that a cage made of conductive metals (i.e. copper, aluminum, steel, etc.) could be used to block electricity from entering inside. It could likewise be used to keep EMF radiation out or contain the EMF radiation within the cage. WiFi router guards are designed to not fully block the WiFi router signal due to their mesh design. That way you can still enjoy the convenience of wireless Internet with much, much less EMF.

How does a WiFi router guard work?

Because the WiFi router guard is made from a metal that conducts electricity, the electrons in the metal react to the oncoming EMF by moving around to create an opposing field that basically cancels it out. Some of the higher EMF frequencies have wavelengths small enough to escape through the mesh holes, while the rest is neutralized.

Other instances where this scientific principle is used:

  • Anti Radiation cell phone cases & pouches
  • EMF blocking underwear
  • In rooms housing sensitive medical equipment (like MRI scanners)
  • … and let’s talk microwaves for a bit!

Microwave ovens are Faraday cages

Have you ever noticed the little holes on your microwave oven door that let you see inside? It’s a Farady shield and the holes are specifically sized so that the RF that heats up your food can’t pass through.

A little known fact is that some early microwave ovens didn’t have the glass on the door. You could feel the hot air coming through the perforated metal! Even though it’s scientifically unnecessary to have glass, it still concerned people… And we should still be concerned. Microwaves are some of the worst EMF offenders. Over time they can leak and many aren’t designed to keep their overall EMF low while nuking your food. If you don’t have an EMF meter to find a safe distance from your microwave, then you should stand at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from the microwave while it is on… but for optimum safety, leave and go to a different room.

Will a WiFi router cover reduce my Internet speed?

Most won’t notice any difference in speed but the cover will cut the reach of your WiFi signal by 20%-50%. This only becomes a problem if you live in a large home or want to share your WiFi with your neighbors.

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wifi faraday cage

Router Guard Options

There are several types of WiFi router guards out there. Some are pricey, but there are also some inexpensive hacks you can use that work just as well. So if you like DIY, read on!

IMPORTANT: If you plan to buy a cover, then be sure to measure your router first. If your router has a base, be sure to include it in the measurements and give an extra inch on each side to ensure it will fit inside with its cords.

Faraday Cages

Cages come in different sizes and are a sturdy, solid solution. Here some great options listed by average customer review:

EMF Blocking WiFi Router Cover, by JJ Care

  • Standard Size: 12 x 9 x 3 inches
    • IMPORTANT: Large routers like the Xfinity or ATT Unverse do not fit. Use a larger sized cage or bag.
  • Blocks about up to 95% of the EMF
  • >>Check price and availability on Amazon

Free shipping and returns is a huge plus because many other companies don’t have free shipping and will charge you freight costs if you decide to return it. Thanks JJ Care!

Large WiFi Router Guard, by Router Guard

Smart Meter’s large cover will fit the bigger routers, but if you don’t have a good place for it in your home, it can be a bulky addition. Be sure to measure the router and the area you want to put it to make sure it will fit before you buy.

Router Shield, by Faraday Defense

This is a heavy duty Faraday cage for those that really want to reduce their WiFi EMF.

Faraday Cages Summary

In general you are going to pay more for a Faraday cage WiFi router cover. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others. Using a mesh bag cover is a more cost effective, and space saving solution.


A WiFi shielding pouch is made of a mesh that you place your router inside of. Here are a couple of options. Be sure to measure to make sure it will be a good fit.

RF Shielding Pouch, by Signal Tamer

This is a great option if you need to conserve space and save some money; however, it will decrease the range of your WiFi signal more than a Faraday cage. Connections within 20 feet should have solid speeds.

RF Blocking Wireless Router Cover by XBlue

Works well for small WiFi routers. Some use it to cover the just the antennas for router that have them.

DIY WiFi router guard options

You can always do it yourself and save some money.

There isn’t anything special about router shields. It’s metal bent and welded into a box. If you can weld or know someone who does, it will be fairly easy for you to make your own router guard using metal mesh and solder.

For the non-welders among us, you can make a pouch using aluminum screen material at the hardware store. Simply cut to size and sew it a with nylon string. It may not reduce it as much as ones you can buy online, but it will be better than nothing.

Router Guard Hacks

A fast and cheap hack is to grab an inexpensive metal mesh file holder or waste basket and cover your router with it. Not always the prettiest or best solution… but it’s cheap and will reduce EMF. Here are a couple of good options:

Table-top Hanging File Organizer

Waste Basket

Alternatives to Router Shields

If you can’t get a router shield then here’s what you can do to reduce your EMF radiation from WiFi.

Distance is your friend

Move your router somewhere in your home that isn’t used much. WiFi radiation decreases dramatically with distance. The farther away it is, the better.

Turn your router off at night

Whether you already have a WiFi cover or not, you should be turning WiFi off during times it’s not being used… especially at night. Some routers have settings to do this automatically (check your router user’s guide for instructions). If yours doesn’t, then use an inexpensive electrical outlet timer like this one from GE.


The best solution for WiFi EMF reduction is to ditch WiFi completely and use Ethernet connections. Most people aren’t ready for this, but we should all be moving in this direction. If you or a loved one is especially sensitive to EMF then you will want to seriously consider this.

The sad truth

The sad truth about WiFi radiation is that most of us don’t want escape it. It’s a luxury that has become a necessity. But with so much man-made EMF radiation, it’s becoming more and more important to make our homes a refuge from the storm. Start with these tips to reduce your WiFi EMF then work on other areas… like: cordless phones, baby monitors, smart meters, and cell phones. You’ll significantly reduce the EMF radiation in your life and probably notice better vitality because of it.

Jeremiah Makin

My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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