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Radiation With Cell Phones: A Guide To Improve Your Wellbeing

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In today’s society, it’s inevitable to use cell phones because of the convenience that comes with these mobile devices. For instance, you can get all the details you need in just a few clicks. You can even upload important information to your smartphone’s cloud to keep it accessible whenever you need a certain file. There seems to be this lingering question many have, is there radiation with cell phones?

Even if you try to avoid your phone, your job may require you to perform some tasks on a mobile device. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from this radiation with cell phones is to understand how to reduce your exposure levels per day. This definitive guide will help you learn some safety tips to avoid the health consequences brought by EMF radiation.

EMF And Cell Phones

Using a cell phone long-term will cost you in the end. They emit electromagnetic field radiation that is associated with several health issues. While the long-term effect of radiation exposure has not been studied, especially radiation with cell phones, it’s still possible to suffer from certain medical consequences that may only occur after many years.

People rely on cell phones to stay on track in terms of their finances, schedules, and even health. It’s almost unimaginable to live without your phone. However, it’s also important to consider the health hazards of using smartphones and other mobile devices. You can be exposed to radiation with cell phones but also from cell sites that are located virtually everywhere.

Cell phones emit two types of EMF radiation namely: RF-EMF and ELF-EMF radiation. RF-EMF radiation is produced by multiple wireless devices and radiates them at a higher frequency. In addition, this type of radiation is linked to brain tumors, male infertility, sperm damage, and breast cancer. ELF-EMF radiation, on the other hand, is produced by electricity, and it is likely to cause childhood leukemia.

EMF Research Under Review

In 2018, a study conducted by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program concluded that radiation with cell phones, both 2G and 3G, caused cancer and DNA damage in mice, based on their findings. There are other studies that also reviewed the impact of radiation with cell phones.

A Swedish study conducted in 2011 examined the cases of malignant brain tumors in comparison to the trends of mobile phone use. According to researchers, they discovered a significant connection between malignant brain tumors and radiation with cell phones and the overall usage. This risk was higher for people who started to use cell phones even before they reach 20 years old.

Practical Safety Tips

If you’re wondering what you can do about radiation with cell phones, there are many ways to reduce your exposure and risk of developing cancer or tumors. The best way to lessen the radiation levels that your body absorbs is to turn off your phone at night. However, this may not be a feasible solution for those who are working on-call.

Now, if you can’t go off-grid even for a short time, make sure to put your cell phone far away from where you are sleeping. The rule of thumb is to keep mobile devices at least 6 feet away from you in order to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. If you’re using your phone as your alarm clock, keep it at a safe distance from your bed.

The ultimate way to reduce exposure to EMF radiation is to minimize cell phone use. However, it’s not that easy because a lot of people use their phones to check the news, scroll through Facebook and other social media, or play online games to kill time. The goal should be to use your cell phone less by relying on other means to entertain while you wait in line or try to sleep.

Simple Safety Tips

Switch to airplane mode when you’re not using your phone. This turns off WiFi and data so that the radiation with cell phones is significantly reduced. In addition, you can download movies, songs, and games onto your cell phone to play them even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Make it a habit to turn your device off when you don’t need a data connection as your phone generates RF-EMF radiation whenever it sends or receives data signals. While these safety measures won’t completely protect you if you’re using your cell phone, it’s still helpful to do them. Since it’s impossible to ditch your phone, there are simple ways to protect yourself from radiation with cell phones.

Protective Tools To Use With Your Phone

    • Use an EMF protection phone case. This is a convenient way to reduce your radiation exposure levels while using your phone. However, the case doesn’t usually cover your entire phone to allow signals to pass through. Most EMF protection cases only cover the screen of a cell phone. Still, this is an effective way to reduce EMF and allow you to use your phone in a safer way. Make sure to choose a brand that is FCC certified and lab-tested to block EMF output.

    • Use a headset when taking phone calls. Most people put their phones up against their heads when answering calls. This increases your exposure to cell phone radiation as the device blasts the brain with EMF radiation. The best way to reduce radiation exposure when talking over the phone is to use a headset. Wired headsets are safer than Bluetooth models as they allow you to take phone calls from a safe distance.

    • Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. There are Bluetooth devices that automatically pair with your phone such as your car stereo. Sometimes, you forget to turn it off, or you intentionally leave it on. Keeping your Bluetooth on will drain your phone’s battery and expose you to EMF radiation on a higher level.

Protective Tools For Your Surroundings

    • Never put your phone in your pocket or any garment. Many of us carry our phones in our pockets. You should avoid doing this because the goal is to keep your phone away from you at a safe distance in order to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. In men, exposing the reproductive organ to EMF radiation can cause sperm quality and motility problems. Keeping your phone away from your body is important. If you can’t, put your phone on airplane mode or shut it down before you put it inside your pocket.

    • Apply EMF protective paint as a shield against nearby towers. If you live in a place with a cell tower nearby, it’s helpful to consider applying up to two layers of EMF paint on your wall that faces the tower. If this is not an option for you, you can hang an EMF fabric on your wall to shield off radiation from your home.

    • Hold back the phone while using it. Hold your cell phone back whenever you’re using it so your body won’t absorb that much EMF radiation. The key is to hold it back as far as you can while you can still see the screen so that your exposure will be less. Remember, the farther you hold your phone, the better. some have found anti-radiation stickers for their phones as another protective option.

Other Helpful Options

Studies on the potential negative health effects of EMF radiation are ongoing for researchers across the globe. It’s becoming more concerning for people to absorb radiation while using their devices. Therefore, it’s important to consider these cell phone radiation protection tips in order to reduce your risk of developing health problems in the future.

You can protect yourself by as simple as putting away your phone while sleeping, or switching to airplane mode when not in use. When it comes to lifestyle, you can use an EMF phone case to reduce the radiation your body absorbs whenever you use your cell phone. If you live somewhere near a cell tower, you can use EMF paint so that your walls act as a shield from radiation or even keeping some orgone nearby.

Another helpful way to manage the radiation levels in your home is to use an EMF meter. Measuring the output from your cell phone and other devices can help you understand how much RF-EMF and ELF-EMF radiation can be absorbed by the body. It gives you an idea of how you would protect yourself from the potential risks of higher exposure levels.

Final Advice

Cell phones are essential no matter how we try to avoid them in our daily lives. The only thing you can do is minimize cell phone usage as much as you can. Start with small lifestyle changes such as sleeping while your phone is turned off to reduce your exposure. More importantly, consider some tools to help you shield your body from all types of radiation including an EMF phone case and EMF-shielding paint and fabric.

So, how do you manage to reduce your cell phone radiation exposure every day? With so many safety tips to avoid radiation-related medical conditions, which is your go-to advice? Share some of your experiences and tips in the comment section to help others stay protected from radiation.

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