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Orgone Pyramid – Everything You Need to Know

Orgone Pyramid

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Orgone pyramids are beautiful and fascinating, but they’re also a little bit confusing to wrap your head around. There’s so much information out there, that trying to take in everything you need to know about orgonite and orgone pyramids can leave your head spinning. So sit back and relax because I’ve done all the heavy lifting. By the end of this short article you’ll know exactly what it is, how to tell if an orgone pyramid is the real deal, and where to go to dig in and learn even more on this topic.

A Brief History of Orgone and the Pyramid

Let’s start by taking a step back and briefly cover the history of orgonite and what happened before the pyramid came along. It all has to do with something called “orgone energy,” a term coined by a scientist named Wilhelm Reich.

In the 1930’s, Dr. Reich noticed something unusual when studying plant matter under a microscope… and as he dug deeper he concluded that the cause had everything to do with the “life energy of the word” or “universal life force.” It’s nothing new. For centuries cultures have referred to it by other names, such as: vital energy, chi, prana, or ki. These cultures claim that tapping into this “vital energy” can promote health, intellect, long-life, and overall happiness. You can argue whether or not it really exists, but Reich claims to have witnessed its effects firsthand, and it was a springboard to a very interesting life and legacy that was unfortunately cut short.

Two Types of Orgone Energy

Reich’s research led him to discover 2 distinct types of orgone:

  • DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy): Associated with being stagnant and toxic, promoting negativity and sickness. Think of it as a polluted, festering swamp – yuck!
  • POR (Positive Orgone Energy): Associated with movement and vibrance, promoting health and happiness. Think of it as a flowing river with clear, fresh water – refreshing!

Some energy sensitive people claim to be able to see this energy. DOR looking more like a dark cloud and POR having a clear rainbow-like pattern. Specifically noting this “visible” change around cell phone towers when gifted with orgonite.

A great portion of Reich’s work focused on accumulating this orgone. He found that layering organic and inorganic acted like a magnet for pulling in and pooling this energy. So he would build orgone accumulating boxes (layered with metal and cotton or wood) in areas where there was an abundance of POR, and people would sit in these boxes and reap the health benefits of intense, positive orgone exposure.

Reich also built other devices to extract the DOR from the environment to create a more positive atmosphere. His most famous invention for this is the Cloudbuster. The Cloudbuster’s looks are undeniably cool! He would aim it into the sky in areas with deadly orgone and pull DOR right out of the sky into a water retainer underneath or near the Cloudbuster. Reportedly this water would get extremely hot, in some cases burning people who accidentally touched it.

In the mid 80’s, the British singer Kate Bush released a single called “Cloudbusting” where you can catch a glimpse of a Cloudbuster:

Most Cloudbusters today (sometimes called Chembusters) are much smaller and leverage the use of orgonite and crystals to use a transmutative-transformative effect to turn DOR into POR, and not have to pool the DOR somewhere else (more on that later).

Overall, Reich’s life is crazy and sad… just like most any person who tries to make an extremely positive influence on the world… they tend to be persecuted and leave us too soon (think Martin Luther King Jr, Baháʼu’lláh, Mahatma Gandhi, and not the least of which… Jesus Christ). Reich’s wikipedia page is a good place to start to learn more about him.

From Orgone to Orgonite… How it all happened.

By now you might be wondering where the orgone pyramid comes into play. Hang on… we’re almost there. After Reich’s passing in 1957, his work remained relatively unknown until Karl Hans Welz started picking up where Reich left off and took things a step further to become the undisputed inventor of Ogonite. In 1991 Welz released his first orgone generator… a device that can create positive orgone energy. A year later, he furthered his orgone development when he created orgonite, a 50/50 mixture of metal filing (inorganic matter) and resin (organic matter) that can be a small yet powerful orgone accumulator. Using the generator and orgonite became a perfect 1-2 punch for creating POR and pooling it in your home. Because of the resin, the orgonite can be molded into many shapes, including a pyramid.

Orgonite and the Addition of Crystals

In the early 2000’s, a couple by the name of Don and Carol Croft, discovered that you could further the benefits of orgonite by adding crystals – primarily quartz crystal. However the benefits of orgonite can be further enhanced by adding other crystals in addition to the quartz.

Quartz crystals are often used in electronics and exhibit something called the piezoelectric effect, that if you apply physical pressure on one side the resulting vibrations generate AC voltage across the crystal. The Crofts found that this would cause the energy around the orgonite to move, which created the ability to transmute (change) DOR into POR! This way you don’t need a POR orgone generator, and you can basically change a negative DOR heavy space into a more postive POR abundant area by adding orgonite with a quartz crystal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating orgonite with quartz crystal it is very important to use a resin that shrinks while curing (a polyester or fiberglass resin is what you want because they shrink… not epoxy). That’s because the shrinking puts pressure on the crystal and engages the piezoelectric effect.

If you’re interested in learning more about that, you should definitely check out this article I dug up: The Orgonite Effect by Karen Sawyer and Pat Reynolds. It’s the most concise, all-encompassing, and information packed article I’ve found to date. It describes orgonite as follows,

“It creates a substance which functions as a self-driven continuously operating highly efficient DOR to POR transmutation device.”

In simple terms, the resin attracts orgone energy, the metal both attracts and repels, and the crystal (being squoze by the shrunk resin) actually changes it and project it outward. This creates a cyclical movement with the energy… and as we’ve learned, energy that moves becomes POR. That’s why many people tout orgonite to being an EMF protective device… because it takes the chaotic EMF frequencies that many are finding to be harmful to their health and changing it to a more harmonious energy that can actually be beneficial. There have been several experiments done in regard to this and improved plant growth, and the positive results are undeniable.

Here are a couple of plant experiments I found worth checking out:

  1. Report on Orgone Accumulator Stimulation of Sprouting Mung Beans: This a very well documented report by James DeMeo, Ph.D. with pictures, graphs, abstracts, and results.
  2. In the article, How can we prove that orgonite works? by Orgonise Africa, you get to see the difference in using water irradiated with and without orgonite. Definitely anexperiment that I want to try for myself.

How to Know if Your Orgone Pyramid Is the Real Deal

There are TONS of different orgone pyramids out there in many shapes and sizes; however, if you want want one that is the real deal it should have:

  1. About a 50/50 proportion of resin to metal
  2. Quartz crystal.

While the quartz is technically optional, I consider it a must have in light of how much EMF we are bombarded with in our day-to-day life.

So pay attention as you surf on Amazon or on Etsy, because you’ll see lots of beautiful orgone pyramids, but most are typically lacking the amount of metal to make them highly effective. The most effective orgone pyramids are usually not the prettiest because of all the metal shavings they need. Check out the pictures at Orgonise Africa to see what I mean – although I still think they look really nice. Besides pyramids, you’ll see that lots of different shapes and sizes orgonite can come in. I also really enjoy reading the reviews for greater insight.

Overall, to be sure you’re getting a quality orgone pyramid, be sure to buy from a trusted seller like Orgonise Africa or make it yourself. Grab 10% off at Orgonise Africa by using COUPON-484 at checkout. And for a primer on making it yourself, refer to the awesome article I mentioned earlier to see if it would be up your alley.

Recapping Orgone Pyramids and Orgonite

So whether you’re feeling skeptical or excited about the prospect of having an orgonite pyramid (or any other shape for that matter) in your home… my invitation to you is to try it out and see. The very worst that could happen is you end up having a beautiful paperweight or conversation starter on your coffee table. But you may just experience the positive, healing, and happy effects that so many others can attest to. You’ll never know until your try.

Jeremiah Makin

My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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