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Limits of Radiation Exposure

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If you think governments don’t regulate EMF radiation, they actually do. However, their standards are not enough and they don’t consider all important factors to ensure that the public is safe from EMF radiation. In this article, you’ll learn who formulates these standards and how limits of radiation exposure should be made more effective.

​What Is EMF Standards Framework

The exposure limits for radiation is designed by the World Health Organization for nations to adopt when creating their own regulations. The International Association for Research on Cancer has categorized both ELF-EMF and RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. It encourages nations around the world to follow international standards when it comes to limits of radiation exposure and EMF regulations.

The framework has been designed for any country that would want to create its own regulations. This means they can set their preferred occupational limits as well as public exposure limits. Some of the most important factors to consider include duration, level, frequency, and coverage of the exposure such as partial-body or whole-body.

Moreover, the EMF Standards Framework suggests nations review and evaluate existing scientific studies. It also suggests revisiting recommendations and updating them based on new information.

​EMF Regulations in Different Countries


There are two sets for the limits of radiation exposure and EMF safety regulations that Australia currently implements. In 1989, they developed regulations on exposure to 50/60Hz electric power lines and magnetic fields. In 2003, they updated their guidelines on radio communications, making this country the most updated on this list.


Health Canada sets limits of radiation exposure, but the Canadian government first set these limits way back in 1999. They regulate exposure range between 3kHz to 300 GHz.


In China, the Ministry of Health originally designed standards in the late 1980s. The public is mandated to comply with safety regulations. They regulate frequencies between the range of 100kHz to 300 GHz.

​United Kingdom

In 2000, voluntary regulations in the United Kingdom were set for cell phone operators. However, the guidelines for public and occupational exposure were designed in 1993. Their guidelines cover radiation frequencies between 3kHz to 300GHz.

​United States

The Federal Communication Commission regulates the limits of radiation exposure in the United States. In 1996, these limits were set and cover frequencies ranging from 300kHz to 100 GHz.

You can search and check out the WHO’s International EMF Project to get more information about other countries’ EMF safety regulations. Just enter the country and click on “Go” to get the details.

​Factors That Government Regulations Fail to Consider

The problem with government EMF safety regulations is that they don’t consider all the important standards in formulating such guidelines. Below are the commonly overlooked factors in the regulations of most countries:

Lack of studies

Generally, there is a severe lacking of EMF research. Existing studies, however, show that exposure to EMF radiation may cause serious health problems. More studies are needed to back up these claims and determine whether or not the regulations are effective in EMF protection. With limited existing research, how is it possible to formulate safety standards that are proven effective?

Cumulative exposure

In today’s generation, it’s important to consider the cumulative exposure young people can get from using mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. It’s alarming to know how much you get exposed to radiation over time as it can lead to serious health conditions including cancer. In fact, you are more vulnerable to developing tumors if you’re exposed to higher levels of radiation than when you only get exposed periodically.

 Thermal effect

Existing EMF safety regulations are focused on the thermal effect, or the potential effect of radiation to burn your skin at significant exposure levels. In general, current regulations are challenged to determine the level of exposure that will not cause burns or skin damage. Also, they don’t consider other negative health effects and the levels of exposure that are harmful to certain individuals.

 Multiple devices

Since regulations are based on a single device, no particular device should exceed the EMF production limits. However, people are more likely to get exposed to multiple devices at the same time. There are so many EMF-emitting technologies surrounding you such as cell phones, smart meters, smart appliances, WiFi, and power lines. Even if a single device only emits smaller amounts of radiation, it could be a problem when they are all combined together.

​Safe Levels of EMF Radiation

Given the lack of research, there is no limits of radiation exposure that you can get exposed to. But even if there’s an established baseline, it would still be difficult to not exceed the limit because of multiple devices surrounding us every day. Perhaps, the only safe level of EMF radiation is the amount that you are naturally exposed to – that includes magnetic and solar radiation.

Apparently, natural radiation can be safer since the human body has been used to the small amounts of radiation it comes across naturally over time. Manmade EMF radiation, on the other hand, is new in that you are exposed to it at higher levels than your body is capable of processing.

​Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure

The best way to protect yourself against EMF radiation is to reduce exposure every day. To get you started, here are some helpful tips you can follow:

Limit Bluetooth usage

The advancement of technology brought us wireless headphones, keyboards, and even game controllers. It may have given us convenience, but Bluetooth is a source of RF-EMF radiation. Using multiple Bluetooth devices can increase your radiation exposure.

Opt for wired internet

If you’re using home WiFi, know that it emits higher levels of RF-EMF, particularly within the signal area. Switching to a wired network will significantly reduce your exposure while having faster internet speed than a WiFi connection.

Smart meter

A smart meter uses radio waves to communicate with another device. Therefore, they produce RF-EMF radiation at higher levels. If your area uses smart meters or you have installed a smart meter in your home, it’s important to use a smart meter cover so that it won’t send radiation outward.

Wear wired headphones

 If you habitually talk on your phone for business purposes, you can use a wired headset instead of Bluetooth headphones. Remember that your mobile phone broadcasts RF-EMF radiation during a phone call. To avoid absorbing all that radiation, a wired headset will protect your brain from exposure.

Install an anti-radiation canopy

The most important part of your home that you need to protect from radiation is your bedroom and an anti-radiation canopy is a great option. Keeping it EMF-free will help you get better sleep every night, helping your body restore itself overnight. If your room is prone to higher levels of EMF radiation, you can buy a protective bed canopy. Protective canopies are designed to offer protection against EMF radiation during sleep.

While it’s not possible to completely get rid of EMF radiation, these are proven ways to minimize your exposure. Making your home as radiation-free as possible can make a huge difference.

​Wrapping It Up

In reality, most governments don’t put extra effort to protect the public from radiation. Regulations fail to consider important factors while standards are not based on concrete data due to a lack of research. So you’re on your own when it comes to protecting yourself against the harmful effects of EMF radiation. Investing in EMF protection tools is worth your money as they help maintain your overall health.

Jeremiah Makin

My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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