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Lambs Underwear Review – What to Know

Lambs Underwear Review

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In this Lambs underwear review you’ll learn why Lambs is my top choice for EMF underwear you can count on protecting you where it counts.

When it comes to EMF, private place protection is a must for men. The testes are one of the most exposed and susceptible areas, and with most guys carrying their phones in their pant pocket it’s important to take steps to protect yourself. If it’s too much to ask to stop carrying your phone in your pocket and taking your laptop off your lap then it’s high-time you considered radiation proof underwear. Or maybe you have a teenager that carries their phone with them 24/7 and need the extra peace of mind to know that they are protected. There are lots of underwear options out there, but today we’ll review one of the best EMF blocking underwear options out there: Lambs.

Top Reasons Why My Lambs Underwear Review Puts Them At #1

Here are the top reasons why Lambs underwear is #1 in my book (in no particular order):

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Return Policy
  • Comfort
  • Additional benefits


When it comes to radiation proof underwear, Lambs quality is the upper echelon at affordable prices. Their Wavestopper technology material contains 42% silver. The silver is woven into a fine mesh that creates a Faraday shield to block the EMF and protect your body. The holes in the mesh are so small that only a very tiny amount of the radiation can get through.

lambs radiation proof underwear review

Independently Lab Tested

The Wavestopper fabric has undergone rigorous independent testing using the same labs that certify NASA spacesuits, with all the results posted on their website… In the report they even show the setup (like the pics below) which is something that I haven’t seen from any other company.

lambs underwear review testing

Basically the test results state that Lambs’ fabric blocks 99% of microwaves (WiFi radiation, bluetooth, and cellphone radiation).

>>You can check out the full report here

360 Degree Protection

While some EMF underwear only shields the groin area … allowing harmful EMF to penetrate from the backside … Lambs fabric shields all around the underwear, offering 360 degrees of protection.

Cost Benefits

There’s a good reason why you won’t find Lambs underwear on Amazon: Because Lambs wants to reward their customers. The more you buy, the better price you’ll get. This reflects the kind of company they are: They’re in it for the long-haul and want to create long-term relationships with you. Something you can see through their membership program.

>>Check current selection & prices on Lambs website here

Lambs Membership Program

The best prices come from their membership program, offering more than a 30% discount. You basically buy a set of three at the discounted price and get 3 more every 3 months at the same steep discount. There’s no obligation, so you can stop at any time. Those on the membership are also the first to get access to exclusive releases.

But what if you’re not happy with the underwear? Well, I can’t say enough about how good their return policy is!

Lambs Underwear Return Policy (They care about you.)

I absolutely ? LOVE their return policy. I have yet to find a better one out there:

If you don’t love the underwear within 30 days you can get a full refund… and keep the underwear! And within the first 100 days you can return the underwear for a full refund.

They even pay for the return shipping! All you have to do is contact them with your order number handy and they will take care of the rest.

They make it so simple and easy! Companies can only do this when they have a quality product that people will love. And Lambs has it!

Comfort: Super Soft & Breathable

Lambs underwear fabric is softer than cotton and the silver makes them fresh and breathable, helping keep you cool all day long. The customer reviews tell it all, here are a few I pulled from their website:

“Just received my first pair this week. Comfort is great and I find the silver on the inside really cool :). Will definitely order more!”

“My son is picky and he says these are very comfortable and the best boxers he’s ever had. I got him both styles for Christmas and he likes them both but he prefers the ones with the flap. He is of normal weight and very athletic and they fit him very well.”

“Wearing them is super comfortable. They have a nice fit and are durable. Got them for over an year by now and I can see just minimal signs of age. You can also feel the difference in radiotion-blocking compared to normal boxers.”

>>Check out more reviews on Lambs website

Additional Benefits

Besides protecting you from radiation, the silver makes Lambs underwear antibacterial and they are 100% hypoallergenic. If everyone wore anti odor underwear like these, locker rooms might stop smelling like rotten, old nachos! Oh, and did I mention that they are machine washable (remember to air dry).

Features of Lambs Underwear

I betcha didn’t know underwear could be so cool, right!? On top of my reasons why Lambs underwear is reviewed at #1, they offers different styles and colors.

Here’s what you can expect as far as selection goes…

colors of lambs emf radiation blocking underwear
  • Available Colors: Black, red, or blue
  • Sizes: Fits waist sizes 28 – 44 inches
  • 2 Styles: Boxer Briefs & Trunks

Lambs Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs have longer legs and a horizontal fly.

emf radiation blocking underwear boxer briefs

Lambs Trunks

Trunks are shorter with no fly.

emf radiation blocking underwear trunks

Recapping Lambs EMF underwear

In today’s Lambs underwear review I hope you’ve realized that you can’t go wrong with Lambs. They have a great product, are reasonably priced (especially if you’re looking to buy more than a single pair), and have your back all the way! The only complaints I found were about the limited color selection and not having any legless briefs… So if you’re not a red, blue, or black kinda guy and like to show-off the full thigh… then you’re outta luck for the time being. Also, if you happen to have a waist larger than 44 inches then your best bet is to find a well-reviewed pair on Amazon with big and tall sizes. Just be sure that it offers 360 degree protection.

>>Learn more at Lambs website

PS – If you’re wondering, “What about radiation blocking underwear for women?”

Don’t worry, Lambs is working on it. You can sign up for updates at their website.

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