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Best Dirty Electricity Filters 2023

Dirty Electricity Filters

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Whether you’re using LED lights or solar power, dirty electricity has become a serious concern in many homes. This is even more concerning because energy-efficient devices and appliances are also becoming more popular. If you want to reduce EMF radiation exposure, it can really be difficult for you.

The best thing you can do is to use a dirty electricity filter in your home. These filtering devices are an effective solution to reduce EMF levels throughout your house. They reduce the presence of dirty electricity in your home by installing filters into the wall outlet to filter out the entire circuit. Other filters are set up directly into the circuit breaker in order to filter the entire home.

​Choosing the Right Dirty Electricity Filter

No matter what type of filtration you want to use at home, these dirty electricity filters can help protect EMF radiation. If you’re electromagnetically sensitive, you can install one filter or two in your home or office to avoid headaches and other symptoms. However, it’s important to consider which is the best filter for you.

Before you choose, be aware that dirty electricity filters can be really expensive and you may need multiple filters around your home to get optimal results. So, what are the best dirty electricity filters available for you? Check out this list and find the perfect filtration system to reduce EMF radiation in your home:

Satic Pure Power Plug-in

    This plug-in filter has an outlet so you can easily plug your smartphone and other mobile devices into it to reduce their EMF radiation. One plug-in filter can filter out dirty electricity on one single circuit. This means how many units you need depends on the wiring system in your home.

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter

      The outlet of the Satic Pure Power Plug-in also works as a surge protector to reduce electronic interference. As a result, you can use your electronics more safely while enjoying your TV’s better picture quality. This is an ideal option for homes that only use a few circuits. In addition to reducing EMF radiation, it also increases the efficiency of appliances while making them last longer.

The Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter can easily be plugged into your home’s electrical outlets. According to the manufacturer, it is best to install one filter per room in order to effectively filter out dirty electricity. For larger rooms with higher EMF radiation levels, you can have additional filters to get the best results.

      If you have a home office, you can install up to four filters in order to match the levels of EMF generated by your electronic devices. You can either avail the filter individually or per pack, depending on the number of filters you need to install. For example, a three-bedroom house needs a kit that includes 16 filters.

      The filter includes an outlet to plug in devices. However, it doesn’t come with a surge protector, unlike other filters. If you want, you can use an external surge protector to plug your filter and keep your devices safe from power surges. This is important for computers, TVs, and other home appliances.

Stetzerizer High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter

 This is another plug-in dirty electricity filter that is available in a three-filter set and includes a micro surge meter. One drawback of this filter is that it doesn’t come with an outlet like other filters. However, you can install it in an outlet and plug the surge protector into a separate outlet to create additional space.

      Some users claim that they feel immediately better from EMF-related symptoms when using this filter. Depending on how many square meters your home has, most rooms such as bedrooms and home offices may require three filters. If there are more EMF-generating devices in your home, you will need to install more.

      You can determine how many filters you need by using the micro surge meter. The Stetzerizer High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter can help extend the service of your appliances and mobile devices by creating higher-quality electricity. According to reviewers, it’s effective in reducing symptoms such as brain fog and agitation.

Satic Power Perfect Box

Unlike other standard plug-in style filters, the Satic Power Perfect Box dirty electricity filter works on one outlet. It’s designed to filter out EMF radiation in your home including bedrooms and home offices. This filter is also installed in the circuit breaker or main power supply. You may need to hire an electrician to do the installation for you.

      For some, having this dirty electricity filter can be expensive. However, this is one of the most effective filters you can depend on when it comes to reducing your home’s EMF radiation levels and energy consumption by around 15% according to the manufacturer. This UL-listed device is safe to use and install in the breaker panel.

      Since it’s tried and tested by a third-party, non-profit company, you are guaranteed that this product meets the safety standards. Aside from reducing dirty electricity in homes, it can also serve as a surge protector to keep devices safe during a power surge. The result is better sound and picture quality on TVs because there is less to no electronic interference caused by dirty electricity.

Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter

 You can plug this filter directly into an outlet and then plug your devices into it to filter the dirty electricity they generate. It features a 15-amp surge protector to protect you from EMF radiation and keep your mobile devices safe.

      The Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Filter comes with an LED on/off indicator. It’s so easy to install, you just need to plug it into the wall. One filter is enough for each room of up to 194 square feet. Place your filter near devices that emit higher levels of EMF such as the wireless router. The Spiro technology makes sure the device can neutralize dirty electricity without blocking wireless signals in your home.

​Final Advice

To ensure that your dirty electricity filter is working, make sure to test it prior to installation. Know how many filters you need to achieve adequate filtration throughout your home. You can use a dirty electricity meter to test your filter. To get accurate results, try to use the same brand of filter and meter you want to use.

Generally, you simply plug the meter into an outlet to start recording. The meter should show you a guide wherein you can see the safe range to target. If you’re reading is not within the desirable range, the filter is not working or you may need multiple filters for the entire circuit. You can add another filter to your circuit and check the reading if it’s within the range.

Repeat the steps to make sure each room in your house has enough filters to reduce dirty electricity on every circuit. This also helps discover if there are rooms that need more filters to provide the desired results. With that being said, you are guaranteed efficient protection from EMF radiation, especially your kids.

While it is unavoidable to get radiation exposure nowadays, it’s still important to take drastic measures to reduce your exposure levels. With a reliable filtration system in every home, more families can stay healthy no matter how advanced tech products can get. Whether you’re looking to cut down your energy consumption or reduce dirty electricity in your home, this definitive guide can help you.

Jeremiah Makin

My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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