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Dangers of Cell Towers: Safety Tips

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No matter where you go, chances are you’re going to find cell towers nearby. Even remote locations now have more towers built than before. This connectivity allows rural areas to have access to online services and get the latest information. However, there are dangers of cell towers because of EMF exposure.

Each cell tower produces radio-frequency waves that are categorized as EMF radiation. As more cell phone companies aim to provide better access to all subscribers, the concern regarding the negative effects and dangers of cell tower has also become alarming. With prolonged exposure, people may suffer from health problems in the long run.

At this point, it’s important to understand the potential issues that cell phone tower radiation may bring and what you should do to reduce your risk of having EMF-related illnesses. This comprehensive guide will give you information on the risks of living in a house near a cell phone tower. Keep reading because you will also learn about the best ways to reduce your exposure level while protecting your body against radiation.

The Dangers of Cell Towers Near Your Home

If you’re curious about the dangers of cell towers near your home, there are some important factors that you should know. For instance, long-term exposure to EMF radiation can lead to serious health problems. However, the lack of study on the effects of EMF exposure leaves a gray area when it comes to the safe limit you can get exposed to.

Cell towers produce radio-frequency waves that lack the energy to split an atom. Therefore, they are considered safer compared to ionizing radiation. However, this doesn’t mean cell phone tower radiation is safe. According to the International Association for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization, RF-EMF radiation, regardless of the source, is possibly carcinogenic to people.

The IARC based this conclusion on a review of one study in which the results showed a 40% risk for fatal brain tumors or gliomas in people who were on their mobile phones 30 minutes every day for 10 years. However, the said study was conducted in the 2000s when mobile phone usage was nothing like it is today.

Moreover, the study was focused on RF-EMF radiation from cell phones and not the dangers of cell towers. Apparently, the interactions we make with cell phones and outweigh the dangers of cell towers. You hold your phone close to your body, while towers are at a great distance from you. Exposure levels significantly decrease when an individual stays farther from the source of RF-EMF radiation.

Living in a house near a cell tower generally means it could be problematic and increases the dangers when you are exposed long-term. This is even more concerning for people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Cell Towers When Living Next to One

If there’s a cell phone tower near your house, what should you do in order to protect yourself and your family from any danger?

While the best solution is to move to another house, this may not be possible for all. However, relocation is a good option for people who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of EHS. If you have EHS, exposure to any source of EMF such as smart meters and cell phone towers can trigger symptoms that affect how you function.

Moving to a new place with less EMF radiation provides relief for EHS patients. The problem is that it’s not easy to find a place with less radiation, either from cell towers or other sources. Rural areas have been a safe place for many people, but now is a different case due to telecommunications companies expanding their coverage by putting up more towers in these areas.

Areas without cell phone signals may still exist today, but they are difficult to find unless you’re willing to relocate to the desert. Perhaps, you’re thinking of one place that is ideal for this scenario – Green Bank, West Virginia. If so, let’s get to know more about this perfect option.

Green Bank

a small town in Virginia and is included in the 13,000-square-mile zone where radio signals aren’t present, it’s called the National Radio Quiet Zone. In the 1950s, this zone was established by the FCC due to a high-powered radio telescope nearby. The device was utilized to listen to solar radiation in the atmosphere coming from outside the Earth.

Radio signals are one of the sources that cause interference, therefore they are forbidden in the area. As a “dead zone”, Green Bank earned the reputation of being a safe place for people with severe EHS. Now if changing address is not an option for you, you can still do something to reduce your exposure to cell phone tower radiation.

Below are some helpful tips to keep cell phone tower radiation at bay:

EMF Paint

The primary goal is to shield your house from cell phone tower radiation. Reducing the amount of radiation that enters your home can be achieved by using EMF paint. You can either apply this paint to the exterior walls or paint it over the interior of your home. It’s in black color, but you can cover it with regular paint to achieve your preferred color.

There are some varieties of EMF paint you can choose from on the market. For example, you can try Yshield for high-quality protection from radiation. No matter which brand you buy, you need a professional electrician in order to ground your EMF paint.

EMF-Resistant Barrier

Another way to prevent cell phone tower radiation from entering your home is by using barriers. For instance, you can make a curtain out of EMF protection fabric to hang on your windows or even walls. Cut the fabric out into your desired shape and size to create a DIY EMF-resistant barrier

You can choose from a wide selection of EMF fabrics to match your needs. However, one of the best options you can try is Naturell’s EMF Shielding Fabric.

EMF-Shield Plants

If you want to go natural, you can opt for plants that can combat EMF radiation. Simply surround your house with these plants as they can purify the air by removing toxins and pollutants, hence improving indoor air quality. However, the lack of study doesn’t guarantee the efficacy of plants against EMF.

According to the Plants for Indoor Pollution Abatement Study by NASA, mums can filter out environmental pollutants from the air. Sunflowers can also get rid of ionizing radiation present in the soil. In addition, they can help protect your home from cell towers that produce non-ionizing radiation.

For indoor plants, you can put an aloe plant or small cactus in your room to purify indoor air. If you’re attentive enough, the condition of your plants will tell you if there are unsafe levels of radiation in your home. For instance, brown spots on aloe leaves indicate EMF exposure.


EMF-proofing your home near a cell phone tower is not enough to prevent the potential health problems that you may develop. The best way to keep your body safe against radiation no matter where you go is to take some supplements. A good quality supplement can repair any damage in the body caused by EMF radiation. You can try ginseng, selenium, and other herbs with radioprotective properties to fight off oxidative stress, neurological issues, and even cancer.


To maximize the benefits of taking supplements to strengthen your immunity and keep radiation at bay, it’s also helpful to wear EMF-protective clothing when going outside. You can wear it just like regular clothing such as a tank top or cap. Some of the best items you can buy include the OURSURF Anti-Radiation Cami Tank Top and EMF Shielding Solutions EMF Protection Cap.

Reducing your exposure to cell phone tower radiation is essential because long-term exposure even to small amounts of EMF can lead to serious health problems. Protecting your home against EMF radiation involves a lot of safety measures including the installation of dirty electricity filters, switching to wired internet, and using modern light bulbs with less radiation.

​Wrapping It Up

As more cell phone companies go all-out with their goals to widen signal coverage, it’s becoming more challenging to avoid all forms of radiation produced by cell towers and other sources. Even the residents of rural communities now find it hard to escape radiation exposure. Since moving to a new place is not an option for everyone, it’s best to take into consideration the protection tips in this guide to reduce your exposure levels to cell tower radiation.

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My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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