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Dangerous EMF Levels In Your Home: Appliances

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Have you ever wondered if there are dangerous EMF levels in your home? Or have you ever thought, how much radiation your appliances emit? Your microwave, stove, wireless router, and even hair dryer all contribute to EMF radiation in your home. The truth is, every household appliance produces a certain amount of radiation that can harm your family with constant exposure. Cumulative EMF radiation exposure can lead to serious health problems that should not be ignored.

So, you need to familiarize yourself with dangerous EMF levels to understand how you can protect your family from radiation. In this article, you will learn about the most common household appliances that emit dangerous EMF levels and some helpful tips to reduce your exposure.

​Common Household Appliances and Their Average Radiation Levels

Below is a list of the average radiation levels of 15 household items and appliances that you surely are using. However, actual EMF radiation levels may vary depending on the distance from the appliance while using it and the model. We will also help you learn how to measure the radiation levels of your appliances.

1. Fluorescent light bulb – 1.15 mG radiation level from 3 feet distance.

2. Cell phone – 1.6 W/kg radiation level without separation.

3. Wireless router – ~1.4 W/kg radiation level from 5 millimeters distance.

4. Hair dryer – 60 to 200 mG radiation level from an inch distance.

5. Can opener – 115.5 mG radiation level from a one-foot distance.

6. iPad or tablet – ~1.19 W/kg radiation level without separation.

7. Laptop – 0.5 to 30 µT from a one-foot distance.

8. Toaster – 3.8 mG radiation level from a one-foot distance.

9. Vacuum cleaner – 2 to 20 µT radiation level from 3 centimeters distance.

10. Microwave – 5.5 mG radiation level from 3 feet distance.

11. Dishwasher – 0.6 to 3 µT radiation level from 30 centimeters distance.

12. Electric oven – 0.15 to 0.5 µT radiation level from 30 centimeters distance.

13. Clothes dryer – 1 mG radiation level from 3 feet distance.

14. Washing machine – 1 mG radiation level from 3 feet distance.

15. Refrigerator – 1.5 mG radiation level from a one-foot distance.

Dangerous EMF Levels Explained

Now, let’s break down the numbers presented above. If you’ve noticed, there are different units of measurement used in the radiation level of each household item at a given distance. The W/kg stands for watts per kilogram, this is often used to measure RF-EMF radiation and refers to how much radiation the tissue absorbs per kilogram.

The unit of measurement µT or microtesia is used for magnetic fields and refers to the detectable magnetic field that an appliance produces. Lastly, mG which means Milgauss is a unit of measurement for magnetic field density and is larger than a µT.

The measurements are taken at various distances because household items and appliances are used in different ways. For instance, you use your cell phone closer to your body than when using a clothes dryer or washing machine. The distances mentioned on the list are usual distances when using each particular appliance or item.

Moreover, the dangerous EMF levels you might get from your home appliances or devices will definitely differ from the given example. Cell phone models, for example, have different levels of radiation emitted so this basically depends on the model you are currently using. However, each model will be within the limit set of 1.6W/kg based on FCC guidelines. This also applies to wireless routers, tablets, and other items on the above list.

​How to Measure EMF Levels

Measuring EMF levels for household items and appliances is now made easier with the help of EMF meters. All you need to do is take measurements and record them so you can make a comparison for the items. There are plenty of EMF meters available today, make sure to invest in a highly trusted brand for accurate measurements.

Here are the quick-and-easy steps to measure EMF radiation levels for your home appliances and other items:

1. Choose the appliance or item that you want to measure first. Let’s say you’re measuring the radiation level of your refrigerator. Stand in the same exact position whenever you use or open the fridge. You can also open the ref while measuring it to get a more accurate result. Now, take another reading while the door is closed so you can compare the numbers.

2. Unplug the household item or appliance that you’re measuring. Take another measurement while standing in the same position and see how the reading changes. If you want, you may also take before and after readings from different distances across the kitchen in order to observe how each appliance affects your room’s overall radiation levels.

Repeat the steps for other appliances or items you want to measure in your home. After the reading, you can determine which items emit a higher level of EMF radiation. In addition, it will also give you a hint on how far you should stay from the appliances when using them.

​How to Protect Yourself Against Dangerous EMF Levels At Home

Knowing how you can shield yourself from these radiation-producing home appliances and items can help you keep your family safe and healthy. So, what are the most effective ways to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation? Check out the following tips:

Unplug easy-to-access appliances

    • such as microwave when not using them. Whether you’re using your toaster, coffee maker, or microwave every day, it’s important to unplug them when they are not in use. These household appliances emit EMF radiation even if you’re not using them. And even if they only emit small amounts of radiation, they can pose a serious threat when accumulated in the long run.

Use cell phone only when it’s important

    • Practicing some safety habits when using your cell phone can make a huge difference in your overall radiation exposure. Remember that mobile phones produce higher levels of EMF radiation unlike other devices. You can use a protective case to reduce EMF output of your phone. When the phone is not being used, turn on Airplane mode and maintain a safe distance from the device as much as possible.

Stay as far as you can

    • from appliances that are currently in use. Keeping a safe distance from your home appliances is a good habit to make. Use the measurements you’ve taken using your EMF meters to find safer options. For instance, you can use the readings to determine a certain distance from your microwave that is within the safe range in terms of exposure.

Choose a hair dyer

    • that produces lower EMF radiation. If you’ve noticed from the list, hair dyers are huge producers of radiation, especially when you’re close to it. It’s essential to use a hair dryer every day, so reducing your exposure is a must. Refer to your readings and avoid other appliances that emit higher levels of EMF radiation.

Use a WiFi guard

    • Your WiFi router at home regularly produces EMF radiation, installing this specialized guard or cover can reduce your exposure as well as the risk of developing tumors. It’s the same as Faraday Cage-shaped devices that are designed to reduce radiation levels from wireless routers.

Opt for non-electric can openers

    • An electric can opener requires a high amount of power in order to work. Even if you use it one foot away from you, it can generate a high level of radiation that your body can absorb. Since these devices are used in close proximity, you are more likely to get all this EMF radiation that can put your health in jeopardy. To avoid this, use a traditional can opener that doesn’t require electricity to open a can.

​Wrapping It Up

These home appliances make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, they also produce dangerous EMF levels that can be harmful to humans. In fact, it is linked to serious health problems including cancer. It’s important to take some precautions to reduce your exposure level so that you can protect yourself against EMF radiation-emitting household items and appliances.

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My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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