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10 Best Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

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If you want to follow a holistic approach when it comes to combating EMF radiation, you should consider crystals for protection . There are many different reasons to use a crystal such as for healing, cleansing, and protecting against certain energies. With around 6,000 crystals existing on the earth’s surface, these precious stones have been discovered many centuries ago.

While it’s a new concept to use crystals for protection for EMF, some studies have been conducted to find out its potential. Based on anecdotal evidence, these stones can help, particularly hypersensitive people. Here’s a list of top 10 crystals for protection and better EMF management:


Shungite has been known for its potential to purify and absorb EMF radiation. EMF-shielding products including EMF paint, jewelry, smartphone cases, and bump-outs are created with shungite crystal. Despite its matte black appearance, this crystal has become one of the best crystals for protection and to help block EMF radiation.

According to a study, it effectively protected hairless rats from skin damage due to UVB rays. It also shows that shungite can shield against radiation. If you want to try this crystal for EMF protection, you can wear it as jewelry, buy a polished stone, or get a product that uses this stone as a base.

Black tourmaline

Almost all metaphysical stores and rock shops are selling black tourmaline, so it’s very easy to find. It has a solid black color and cylindrical layers, making it an ideal accessory for an edgy look. In terms of uses, black tourmaline is helpful in healing and protection. You can also use it as a grounding stone.

For EMF protection, this has been one of the best crystals for protection and shielding against EMF radiation. In some cases, black tourmaline is used with shungite when making products like EMF paint, shields, and fabrics. You can wear this gem as a piece of jewelry or put a polished black tourmaline stone around your home.


This man-made mineral is a primary ingredient in making polyester resin, another element that suspends other particles. They are made from any stones, so make sure it includes some of the gems included on this list for best EMF protection. Some of the most popular combinations are shungite, selenite, amethyst, and orgonite.

The best place to find orgonite is in metaphysical stores. This is not a real stone so don’t expect it to be available in rock shops. To use it, you can put it around the house, wear as an accessory, or simply take it with you for personal protection. The stones used to create orgonite are the ones that protect you.

Green Aventurine

This gem is a variety of aventurine crystal, which falls under the quartz stone. It has an opaque green hue with a glittery tint or deep blue-green color, depending on its properties. The varying colors hold different properties, but let’s focus on the green aventurine stone, which is often used to relieve anxiety and aid in meditation.

The ability of this stone to absorb environmental pollution makes it relevant as protection against EMF radiation. If you put green aventurine crystals in your home, it can help purify indoor air while lowering your exposure to radiation. The best advice is to put more of this crystal in your bedroom and other rooms that contain more electronic devices.

Green Aventurine

This marbled green mineral can help in communication, healing, and good luck. It’s available in raw or polished stone and is usually found in any metaphysical store or rock shop. Amazonite usually grows with smokey quartz, therefore make sure to consider the stone with grey and green colors.

The properties in this crystal can help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. It works like the moonstone, another gem that aids in Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity conditions. If you suffer from EHS, you can put an amazonite crystal in your bag or pocket, or wear it as a bracelet to manage your symptoms.


There are different shades of moonstone out there, but all of them are beautiful and most have an iridescent rainbow hue. Some of these gems appear black until you hold them against the light they appear shiny and have a shade of green. You can easily buy moonstones from metaphysical stores, while they are also somewhat easy to find in nature.

Sometimes, this precious gem is called the feminine stone which gives nurturing and protective energy. Moonstones are known to be effective in managing EHS as some people reported a significant decrease in EHS symptoms when they put moonstones in their pockets along with other crystals mentioned in this article. However, this stone may not have properties that can protect you against cancer, infertility, and other health conditions.


The deep purple hue of this translucent stone gives it a signature color. It is considered a type of quartz stone with some impurities from minerals like iron. Amethyst is fairly cheap and common because it’s easy to find either in the shop or in nature. Some people say that this stone contains healing properties and can help reduce damage caused by EMF radiation.

If you want to use this as a shield against EMF, put some extra pieces around your home. Make sure to place more amethyst stones in your bedroom to help your body heal during sleep. You can also wear it as a necklace or bracelet to benefit from its healing properties wherever you may go.


This soft, clear crystal has a white or brownish-green hue. When you try to rub it, the stone may easily flake apart. Selenite is often used for protection and purification, an ideal way to cleanse your home. Some individuals believe this stone can protect against EMF radiation from cell phones and other devices.

This mineral is abundant and can easily be found in nature. You can determine if you’ve found a selenite if it has a distinct softness. Scrape or rub it using your fingernail, if there are scratches then chances are it is a selenite. And because it is so common, you can buy it for a fairly affordable price from your local rock shop. Put one or two chunks of this mineral in your home or bedroom to keep EMF at bay.


Have you heard of fool’s gold otherwise known as pyrite? This gold-colored, lustrous mineral is usually found as fragments embedded in other crystals. It is called an energizing crystal because of its benefits in monetary success, increased productivity, and mental clarity. Pyrite is also a protective crystal that can help shield against environmental pollutants and negative energies.

Due to its ability to absorb environmental pollutants, some people also believe that it can help with EMF protection. However, raw pyrite contains properties that can be harmful, so make sure to carefully handle this mineral if you use it at home or for personal protection. This is common and readily available in most metaphysical stores and rock shops.


You may find shiny, black hematite stones in rock shops, but this stone actually has a reddish-black hue. This stone contains iron, hence the red color. Both polished and raw hematite are good for EMF protection purposes. If you want to find this gem in nature, it’s present almost everywhere and is often embedded in other rocks.

When it comes to uses, this stone helps in balance and grounding. In addition, hematite can also cleanse impurities in the blood, making it a potential shield from EMF. To protect your body from radiation using this crystal, you can wear it as jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, or ring, or bring it with you anywhere.

Using a Combination of Crystals for Protection

The best way to achieve ultimate EMF protection is by using more varieties of crystals that contain anti-radiation properties. For instance, you can carry a few different crystals in your pocket as personal protection. You can also put them around your house to manage EMF in your space, especially in your bedroom.

While some of these precious stones are available in metaphysical stores, you can also find them in nature for free. The best way to take advantage of these rocks is proper placement, such as putting them where there are electronic appliances including your bedroom and home office. Put your crystals near your Wi-Fi router, computer, gadgets, smart appliances, smart meters, and other electronic devices.

However, avoid putting stones with magnetic properties such as hematite near your laptop because it can delete your hard drive. If you want to wear these stones as crystal jewelry, it’s best if there are different protective stones in the accessories. Some common pieces of jewelry that contain crystals include bracelets with moonstones, black tourmaline, and amethyst. A combination of these stones can provide you with more effective EMF protection.

Wrapping It Up

Crystals offer an affordable way to protect yourself against EMF radiation. However, keep in mind that there is no concrete evidence that they can really be used for EMF protection. The lack of research on this matter makes it even more interesting to try these stones and use them as a shield against radiation.

There’s no way to test crystals to see if they are effective in combating EMF. But some people have noticed a better feeling when they place some crystals in their pocket, especially those with EHS. Therefore. It’s worth investing in this holistic approach to reducing your risk of developing cancer and other EMF-related illnesses.

It’s important to know that crystals for protection must not be used as a first line of defense against EMF radiation. Instead, use them to maximize your protection against EMF and negative energies around you. With that being said, it’s still better to practice some safety measures including turning off your Wi-Fi, using smart meter covers, and installing an RF-shielding smartphone case.

Now if you’ve done all these and still want to get extra protection from EMF, then considering this top 10 list of EMF-shielding crystals is a huge help. Anything to help you lower your exposure to the harmful effects of radiation. More importantly, this is a great option if you suffer from EHS symptoms and want to get immediate relief from them.

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