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Can EMF Cause Cancer, Tumors And Other Health Concerns: 30 Must-Know Studies 

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People are becoming more aware of daily radiation and asking “can EMF cause cancer, tumors or other health concerns.” It’s crucial to understand its potential risks and your health. To help you learn more about this, there are enough scientific studies that should give you solid evidence to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

Can EMF Cause Cancer

1. In 2015, a group of researchers that conducted a literature review of a study in France found out that cell phone radiation can cause tumors in the brain. This only confirms the concern of, “can EMF cause cancer.” Therefore, the researchers recommended re-classify RF-EMF radiation to “probably carcinogenic” from “possibly carcinogenic”.

2. In a study about how cell phone exposure can cause brain tumors, researchers concluded that there’s a link between brain tumors and RF-EMF radiation exposure. It was noted that tumors were caused by less to moderate exposure levels, far below the considered safe amount a person can be exposed. However, the researchers mentioned that the results may need further studies.

3. A French study reviewed the results from CERENAT, a national study of cell phone use in France. According to the researchers, they found out that cell phone usage is significantly correlated to temporal tumors and gliomas. The tumors were likely caused by higher usage levels of cell phones.

4. In a study conducted by Swedish researchers, the length of cell phone usage has been discovered to have a significant impact on glioma patients’ survival rates. People who have been using cell phones for more than 20 years are likely to suffer from glioma (Gliomas are malignant – cancerous), but some can be very slow growing. Again these findings confirm the concern of “can EMF cause cancer.” They’re primary brain tumors and have high chances of dying from the disease. Based on the findings, the researchers recommended categorizing RF-EMF radiation as a carcinogen.

Different Types Of EMF And Their Risks

5. Researchers in Korea studied how mice reacted after being exposed to RF-EMF over a period of 8 months. The purpose was to identify the effects of radiation in terms of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s. The results were interesting as they found out that RF-EMF radiation can provide some actual therapeutic benefits for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Hungarian and French researchers studied the effects of GSM cell phones on human brain activities. They used an EEG machine to expose participants to EMF within the range of 8 to 12 Hz. Results showed that EMF radiation has an impact on the resting EEG of respondents.

7. In Turkey, biophysicists at Dicle University studied how RF-EMF radiation affects the brain mRNA. They exposed rats to 900MHz RF-EMF for three hours every day for one whole year. The results showed some changes in mRNA’s expression, which indicates that it can also potentially affect the human brain.

8. A study in the Netherlands reviewed some occupational hazards such as ELF-EMF radiation exposure. It was noted that ELF-EMF radiation, chemicals, and metals have a linkage between dementia and exposure, which is more likely among men.

9. Scientists looked into the question “can EMF cause cancer” and sought to find out the link between ELF-EMF radiation occupational exposure and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a rare and fatal disease. Using several studies, they conducted a large-scale literature review and discovered a consistent linkage between ALS and occupational exposure to ELF-EMF radiation.

10. In Croatia, researchers analyzed the link between RF-EMF radiation exposure at 1800 MHz and cell oxidation, which happens when free radicals overpower the body. They discovered that RF-EMF radiation at different levels may impair or restrict the body from fighting against free radicals.

The Less Obvious Concerns Of EMF Exposure

11. Iranian researchers looked to see the effect of mobile phone radiation on a blood glucose monitor’s accuracy. This device is designed to check and regulate diabetic patients’ blood sugar levels. They found out that there was a massive electromagnetic interference, so they suggested keeping cell phones at a 50-centimeter distance or farther from the monitor.

12. People with electromagnetic hypersensitivity may experience different symptoms after an RF-EMF radiation exposure. In a study, researchers analyzed people with EHS and discovered that they usually suffer from basic ailments including vertigo, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, irritability, and difficulty sleeping.

13. Since sleep is essential for the body to heal, researchers in Egypt determined the impact of EMF radiation exposure on sleeping rats. Modulated and continuous EMF levels were used to get accurate results. Based on the results, REM sleep was impacted by ELF-EMF radiation exposure. Finding ways to lower EMF exposure at night is key

EMF Exposure And The Female Reproductive System

14. In Turkey, researchers studied female rats in their middle to late adolescence and discovered that their ovaries experienced some biochemical and cellular changes after exposing them to 900 MHz EMF radiation. Other findings included that, compared to the controlled group, oxidative stress and oxidant levels were significantly higher in the group that was exposed to EMF radiation. EMF exposure to female reproduction and pregnancy  should be a concern and there are ways to protect and lower the risks. 

15. Researchers studied the development of embryos while exposing them to nicotine and RF-EMF radiation. Those exposed to radiation experienced less damage during embryonic development than those exposed to both nicotine and RF-EMF radiation. Based on the results, nicotine can worsen the effects of radiation and vice versa.

16. One study looked at the impact of GSM cell phone radiation exposure on unborn rats’ cochlear development. Researchers exposed the mother rats to radiation levels between 900 to 1800 MHz for an hour per day through their gestation. The newborn rats were examined for symptoms including hearing difficulties. There were some indications of structural damage because of radiation exposure to the cochlea of the rats.

17. EMF radiation and miscarriages have been linked according to a study. Researchers examined more than 900 pregnant women in terms of magnetic field exposure. Results show that higher exposure levels could lead to higher chances of miscarriages.

EMF Exposure And The Male Reproductive System

18. A literature review analyzed several studies about sperm quality and mobile phone use. Researchers observed that some studies pointed out that RF-EMF exposure could negatively affect sperm viability and motility. The conclusion includes a recommendation from the researchers that putting mobile phones in the pocket can decrease sperm quality.

19. A study in Egypt measured the impact of RF-EMF radiation on sperm motility, CLU gene expression, and DNA fragmentation. Researchers discovered that there was a decrease in sperm motility due to radiation exposure from a mobile phone. On the other hand, CLU gene expression and DNA fragmentation increased after exposure to cell phone radiation.

More Studies Confirming EMF Health Risks

20. Chinese researchers studied rats by exposing them to RF-EMF radiation at 1.8 GHz and monitored their circadian rhythms. Some changes were determined according to the impact of exposure using three types of antioxidants. Levels of antioxidants decreased significantly in rats that were exposed to radiation.

21. A Spanish researcher published an article to warn about the negative effects of RF-EMF radiation on insects and birds that depend on the magnetic field of the Earth for navigation. Generally, this is more noticeable in urban areas and rural spots with base stations and antennas.

22. In a study, Swedish researchers monitored the levels of RF-EMF radiation in an apartment close to a cell site. Based on the results, they discovered that there was an unsafe amount of radiation in the bedrooms and balconies of the apartment. The researchers, therefore, concluded that it’s unsafe to reside in that home.

23. Turkish researchers found out that RF-EMF radiation and allergies are inherently related after conducting a study that involved rats that were exposed to radiation at 2100 MHz. They monitored the effect on the rats’ airways and discovered that RF-EMF radiation damaged their nasal septal mucosa, leading to mucociliary clearance issues.

EMF And The Use of Phones

24. In Taiwan, researchers studied the effect of cell phone usage on children. The study analyzed cell phone usage and its possible health effects. The results included common symptoms of a higher level of phone use such as itchiness, migraines, and headaches. They also cautioned that young people who heavily use cell phones might suffer from dangerous levels of long-term exposure.

25. In France, researchers examined the impact of phone base stations on people who live nearby. Based on the results, women were more affected than men as they complained of certain symptoms of EHS. Also, they found that residents within a 300 meters radius suffered more symptoms of exposure than those living farther away from the base stations. In the conclusion, researchers mentioned that it’s important to keep a 300-feet distance from any cell station.

26. In a thesis study, researchers theorized that phone radiation exposure at 900 MHz could affect schoolchildren’s short-term memories. To prove this theory, they used young rats and exposed them to radio waves for four hours every day for 15 days. There were behavioral changes seen in the rats such as anxiety and agitation. Results also included neurodegenerative cells in the cerebral cortex of the rats due to radiation exposure.

27. Researchers conducted a study in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands that involved respondents consisting of 31 females without any underlying conditions and posed the question “can EMF cause cancer?” They were asked to make a phone call for 15 minutes, exposing them to RF-EMF radiation. The results showed that the respondents’ brains suffered from enlarged cortical reactivity. This means the radiation has an impact on brain activities.

EMF And Animal Testing

28. In 2015, a group of researchers in Iran discovered that fish is also affected by ELF-EMF radiation exposure. They exposed rainbow trout to radiation and found that certain frequencies negatively affected their disease resistance and overall growth.

29. According to a study, GSM base stations had an impact on rats’ oxidative stress. There were changes in the antioxidant levels in rats when they are near GSM base stations while experiencing a legal limit of radiation exposure levels. While their malondialdehyde levels increased, glutathione significantly decreased.

30. A study in Turkey looked at the potential impact of RF-EMF radiation at 2100 MHz on a group of rats’ parotid glands. They observed some significant changes to their glands in a short period of exposure, while there were bigger differences after exposing the rats for a longer time. In addition, the radiation also damaged the salivary glands of the rats.

In Summary

When it comes to EMF radiation and its effects, more studies are needed to provide more concrete evidence. However, these literature reviews help us understand the potential dangers of radiation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay away or at least try your best to reduce your exposure levels to EMF radiation in your home and all around you. 

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My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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