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Best Radiation Blocking Phone Case

Radiation Blocking Phone Case

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Because your cell phone is with you nearly all the time, it’s often the worst offenders when it come to EMF radiation…. Sleeping next to your phone or under you pillow is especially hazardous. If you haven’t got one already, it’s time to get a radiation blocking phone case. We’ll cover all the different options so you can find the best one for you.

EMF is the reason why you need a radiation blocking phone case

EMF stands for ‘ElectroMagnetic Fields’ which are emitted by all electrically powered devices, the most dangerous kinds being those that transmit and receive wireless signals (i.e. cell phones, cordless phones, smart homes, etc). You’ll often hear this kind of EMF radiation referred to as RF (Radio Frequency) radiation.

EMF radiation is linked to serious health issues. In November of 2018 the federal Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program found “clear evidence” that cell phone radiation caused cancer and DNA damage in mice. That study focused solely on 2G and 3G… We are now rolling into the era of 5G, which means it’s only going to impact us more! Other studies have linked EMF like the kind in cell phone radiation to cases of breast cancer, sperm damage (male infertility), and gliomas (the deadliest form of brain tumors).

EMF radiation blocking phone cases are proven to reduce EMF exposure by 85% or more. If you carry your phone on or near you, then you need to get one of these radiation blockers.

How a radiation blocking phone case works

Just like WiFi router guards, it’s based on the science around Faraday cages. An EMF radiation blocking phone case is made with a fine metallic mesh that neutralizes the radiation so it can’t fully pass through. Some are pouches you put your phone in that block nearly all the EMF. While others are a case where the front contains the mesh to shield you from the radiation while on a call or in your pocket. The mesh is so fine that in most cases you won’t notice any difference in sound quality. When the shielding is only on one side, it’s important to keep the shielded side towards your body when carrying your phone to have maximum protection.

TIP: Many people also use the faraday bags to protect their wireless and RFID devices from being hacked.

Other options besides a radiation blocking phone case

Use these tips today to significantly reduce your EMF exposure while you wait for you case to arrive… Then keep using them once you have your case:

  • Turn your cell phone off at night… or put it in airplane mode if you use it as an alarm clock.
  • If you must have your phone on and near you for emergency or work reasons, then keep it at least 6 feet away from you to drastically cut your EMF exposure.
  • Carry your phone in your purse or handbag. If you must carry in in your pocket or under your bra-strap then put it in airplane mode.
  • Avoid using Bluetooth (it’s EMF too).
  • When talking on the phone, keep it at least 1 inch away from your ear. Better yet, use your speaker phone and keep it more than 10 inches away. That will reduce the EMF’s potency by over 10,000x.
  • If speaker phone isn’t an option, use air tube headphones.
  • If your network signal is low then keep it even further away while on a call. Your phone will boost its signal to try and compensate for the weak network connection.

What to look for in an EMF blocking phone case

There are lots of trendy products out there that claim to shield you from EMF, so it’s important buy from quality, tried-and-tested brands. The best brands have their products independently lab tested. Below you will find some quality brands you can rely on.

TIP: Measure your phone before buying to ensure you get the right size the first time.

Cases: Best brands for blocking EMF

All of the cases below are wallet cases with credit card slots that provide RFID protection, which prevents credit card hacking in public spaces. Many of the cases can also be used as a kickstand.


With the highest consumer rating, this case offers 99% lab tested protection from EMF.

>>Check selection & prices on Amazon


At the time of this writing, RadiArmor only makes cases for iPhones. They are high quality and block up to 99% of EMF radiation.

>>Check selection & prices on Amazon

Defender Shield

In a classic example of “getting what you pay for,” this is the priciest of all the models. Extensively lab tested and FCC certified. This company has done its research and touts that it blocks “virtually 100% of EMF.”

>>Check selection & prices on Amazon


Uses their patented double-shielded technology which blocks 98% of EMF radiation.

>>Check selection & prices on Amazon


This universal model will fit phones up to 4 inches and blocks up to 87% of EMF. Features a vertical flip version and the more familiar horizontal flip version, but (at the time of this writing) doesn’t have other color options.

>>Check availability & price on Amazon

Pouches, Sleeves & Bags: Best brands for blocking EMF

Faraday bags and pouches may not look quite as trendy, but they get the job done and can also save some money if you are budget conscious. They can also be used to protect other items such as key fobs and RFID credit cards from hackers.

TIP: They can also be used to protect essential oils and other EMF sensitive items from the radiation emitted when going through baggage at the airport.


Choose from multiple colors and sizes, between 2.75 inches wide and 3.25 inches wide. Also comes with a lifetime warranty.

>>Check price & availability on Amazon


This is the most cost effective of all the pouches. Comes with 2 pouches!

>>Check price & availability on Amazon

Silent Pocket

Offers the highest quality with many different sizes of faraday bags.

>>Check price & availability on Amazon

Parting thought

Don’t let the distractions of life and “safety reassurances” from the big businesses (and even our own government) get in the way of protecting yourself and your family from this ever-growing issue. It took decades before cigarettes were officially classified as an health issue… EMF is on a similar track. Reducing the dangerous radiation from our cell phones is one of the most effective and easiest places to start in order to cut our EMF to improve our health.

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