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Apple Watch Radiation Protection Tips

Apple Watch Radiation

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Today, almost everyone is wearing an Apple Watch because of its fitness tracking feature. With the growing popularity of this smart device comes the risk of radiation exposure. If you’re concerned about Apple watch radiation, don’t worry because we’re going to talk about the best tips on how to reduce your exposure.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new Apple Watch or you already own one, keep reading to understand which models have the highest EMF radiation and how you can protect yourself from it. The goal is to help you enjoy your smartwatch for many years without compromising your health.

​Apple Watch Radiation: EMF Types

If you have an old Apple Watch, you know that it only connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. But now, newer models can connect to cellular networks in order to send and receive data. Whether you connect your watch via a cellular network or Bluetooth, the constant connection needed to perform its functions produces an amount of EMF radiation.

For instance, the Apple Watch needs a connection to make calls or receive texts and connects to apps. If you’re using your smartwatch to listen to your playlist, you will need Bluetooth headphones. The thing is that these features rely on a cellular or Bluetooth connection to work. This means you are more vulnerable to EMF radiation every time you use your device.

The closer you get to your Apple Watch and smartphone, the higher EMF radiation exposure you will have. Ideally, you wear your watch 24 hours a day to monitor your activities including the quality of your sleep. The device may only produce a small amount of radiation, but proximity and length of exposure to EMF can potentially cause health problems.

As of today, there’s no study to prove the safety of using an Apple Watch and other fitness trackers. To help you understand the risk of smartwatches, here are the two main types of radiation they produce:

​RF-EMF Radiation

Radiofrequency EMF radiation refers to the radio signals transmitted by devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. The cellular and Bluetooth connections that these devices use are considered RF-EMF radiation. Long-term exposure to RF-EMF can lead to a rare type of brain cancer called Glioma.

​ELF-EMF Radiation

Extremely Low-Frequency EMF Radiation is generated by electronic devices when powered on. ELF-EMF radiation is standard in homes with energy-efficient appliances and power lines. When you charge your Apple Watch or simply turn it on, it produces ELF-EMF radiation. According to studies, ELF has been linked to childhood leukemia while pregnant women exposed to this radiation increase their risk of miscarriage by 2.72 percent.

​How Much Radiation Is Your Apple Watch Emitting

Now, you may be asking how radioactive can your Apple Watch be. The main factor that determines how much you get ELF-EMF radiation exposure depends on the connection you’re using and how long you wear your watch. If both cellular and Bluetooth connections are turned on, you get more radiation exposure than when switching your Apple Watch to airplane mode.

Currently, there’s some information about Apple Watch models’ radioactivity on Apple’s official website. They use SAR values which means Specific Absorption Rate while the SAR level refers to the maximum amount of energy absorbed per unit of mass. Simply put, SAR values show the amount of radiation your body tissues absorb when you’re near a source.

Moreover, the SAR value for Apple Watch products assumes no separation between your watch and your wrist, while there’s a 10mm distance between your watch and your head. Meaning to say, you should keep your smartwatch 10mm away from your face to remain at the SAR level. When it comes to Apple Watch models and their SAR limit, check out their SAR ratings here.

​Tips to Reduce Apple Watch Radiation Exposure

With the practical features of the Apple Watch, it’s inevitable to ditch them. If you think that it’s more beneficial to use your watch than avoid it, here are some helpful tips to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation:

    • Sync less if possible. It’s not necessary to sync frequently unless you’re using your watch to track your exercises and even your sleep routine. You may consider syncing once a week to reduce your exposure to radiation. In fact, the less frequently you connect your Apple Watch to a cellular or Bluetooth network, the less EMF your device will produce.

    • Switch to Airplane mode. If you’re not using your watch, make it a habit to set it on Airplane mode. For older models, just turn off the Bluetooth connection to reduce radiation. It’s also helpful to only connect your watch to your computer or phone on sync times. By doing so, you significantly reduce the amount of RF-EMF radiation your Apple Watch can produce every day.

    • Use an EMF blocker. Apple Watch EMF blockers are a thing now. These products protect you from radiation and are available in different colors and sizes to match your preference. However, it may be difficult to test or verify the accuracy of the device on your own. Most brands claim they can neutralize all forms of EMF radiation and support the human body against any harmful effects.

    • Opt for a lower EMF smartwatch. This is advisable if you’re not yet using an Apple Watch and are looking to buy one. Instead of getting an Apple Watch, you can consider purchasing a lower EMF fitness tracker or smartwatch. Many people are only getting the Apple Watch because it offers plenty of features. However, you can’t use those features if you sync less or switch your watch to Airplane mode all the time to avoid radiation. When you opt for a less expensive smartwatch, which means fewer features, you also get less radiation.

    • Take off your watch from time to time. Whenever possible, taking a break from your Apple Watch or any smartwatch should be practiced to allow yourself to recover from radiation-related health issues. Also, take this opportunity to charge your watch and give your wrist a break. Make sure to keep your watch away from you when not using it.

​Final Advice

If you’re currently using an Apple Watch, the best way to reduce EMF radiation exposure is to sync less or disconnect from Bluetooth or cellular networks when possible. However, if you’re just planning to get one, it’s better to have a low EMF smartwatch or fitness tracker for health reasons.

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