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Anti Radiation Sticker Brands You Can Trust

Anti Radiation Sticker

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In order to understand how an anti radiation sticker works, you first need to know that not all EMF is bad. In fact, the natural, magnetic frequency of the earth is calming and healing. Think about how some music invigorates your soul, while other music makes you cringe and run the other way. All this man-made EMF is making our bodies cringe, but most people don’t have anywhere to run away from it. EMF stickers are like adding a conductor to a disorganized orchestra, by taking the chaotic man-made EMF frequencies and harmonizing them so they are less harmful to your body.

Right now there’s a flood of anti radiation stickers on the market, which makes it hard to know which ones actually work and which are scams. So, if you’re going to get one, be sure to buy from a trusted brand that has published scientific studies backing it up. Before we jump into some of the best anti radiation sticker brands out there, let’s take a jiffy to go over how they work.

How do anti radiation stickers work

Basically, EMF stickers have one or more layers of natural, high-grade paramagnetic minerals that harmonize any EMF in their vicinity. This makes it impossible to measure with an EMF meter because it doesn’t block the EMF radiation… it changes it, so our bodies can better handle it. But there actually are other ways that they can be tested.

How to test anti radiation stickers

There are more methods than these, but I wanted to share a couple that are straightforward options to show whether or not your EMF sticker is working.

Muscle/Energy Testing

Used in the Applied Kinesiology field of study, Dr Oz called energy medicine, “…the next frontier in medicine…” It’s based on the belief that your body knows how the invisible energy fields (EMF) around your are impacting you better than anyone or anything else. I totally get it if you’re skeptical, but many universities offer masters in Applied Kinesiology, and it’s an easy experiment that you can do at home to test whether or not you have a good EMF sticker. So why not give it a shot!?

In this video Robyn Openshaw (AKA The Green Smoothie Girl) shows how to do the test using one of our recommended stickers: The xZubi Disc

I hope to be posting my own tests with family members here soon… So stay tuned 😀

Blood Testing

Your blood is highly sensitive to EMF… any wonder that overexposure to EMF is linked to increased risk of childhood and adult Leukemia!?… Even after a couple of minutes your blood cells can deform and clot because of the electromagnetic radiation.

In this video you get to see Super Bowl champ Norm Johnson have his blood tested after a cell phone call with and without the Aulterra Neutralizer (another one of our recommended EMF stickers):

Anti EMF proponent, Dr. Magda Havas found that the blood would typically go back to normal after about 10 minutes of being away from the negative EMF source. The trouble nowadays is that we can’t escape it unless we consciously create an environment that protects us from EMF, giving us the opportunity to effectively rejuvenate. Stickers are an effective way of lessening the impact, but we should always strive to cut or shield from EMF as our primary method.

Trusted Anti Radiation Sticker Brands

All of these brands have a long, proven track record and are backed by scientific studies. Find the one that’s best for you.


Endorsed by the Green Smoothie Girl, this company has been around for many years and has patented their paramagnetic formula. Which is no small feat, involving 28 separate tests, including one exposing human DNA in a petri dish to a cell phone with and then without the xZubi (BTW, with the sticker the DNA was undamaged). It comes in packs of 5, and with the 40%-off discount you can get at Green Smoothie Girl, it’s the most affordable per sticker.

xzubi disc emf protection stickers

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Links to xZubi’s scientific studies:

Aulterra Neutralizer

Aulterra has also been in business for many years (over 21 years) with their patented paramagnetic formula. They have a whole line of EMF protection products. Their stickers come in packs of 3 and will usually pay about $2 more per sticker when compared to xZubi.

>>Check price on Amazon

Scientific Research: They have over 30 pieces of research that covers the effectiveness of all their products, which you can review on their website.

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Other Brands Worth Mentioning

Two other brands that might be worth checking out are Earthcalm and Quanthor.

Earthcalm Quantum Cell

The Earthcalm Quantum Cell takes a different approach to EMF protection, by focusing on what they call “Mirror Resonance Technology” (MRT)… This basically amplifies our natural energies to build up a resonance that reduces the harmful effects of EMF and increase the conductivity of human DNA.

If all of that just went way over your head… Don’t worry, it did for me too! But they have an impressive amount of research to back it all up. The downside is that they are quite pricy. I can hopefully get my hands on one in the near future to test out and let you know more.

EarthCalm Quantum Cell anti-radiation sticker

>>Learn more at

You can check out their archive of scientific research here.

Quanthor 360 Sticker

Quanthor states that they have precisely balanced the elements of gold, silver, jade, magnesium, and zirconium to produce a similar paramagnetic effect like xZubi & Aulterra, but with some added benefits. Their anti radiation sticker is said to generate negative ions which can help balance the body, improve blood flow and relieve stress. They also say that it produces its own Schumann Resonance which has been known to induce healing in the body (remember how not all EMF is bad).

It actually reminds me a lot of what orgonite can do to create an atmosphere of peace & healing.

Their products have received EMF protection awards from the and have a patent for their EMF protection and body healing technologies.

>>Check price on Amazon

My money saving sticker hack

I’m a frugal guy, so I have a hard time paying $10+ for a 1 and done sticker. So I leave the backing on and place it in-between the case and the phone. If it’s on a sheet, I’ll use a razor blade to carefully cut the backing so I can keep using it when I upgrade devices. You just have to be careful not to lose it when taking your phone out of its case.

Before you go

When it comes to EMF stickers, some people notice a difference, while others don’t… In my personal experience, I’ve been using a xZubi sticker for over 4 years. I recently got a new phone and it didn’t have a xZubi sticker for a week or two. During that time I experienced the most painful itching sensations. With some research I found that it’s called dysesthesia and is side effect of EMF sensitivity… I haven’t had it happen since I got my sticker on.

In reality the term ‘anti radiation sticker’ is a misnomer… they are really EMF harmonizing stickers. Amazon is chock-full of ’em, but it’s a gamble that you’ll get a good one unless you go with a tired and true company like one outlined here that’s been in the EMF space for several years and has scientific documentation to back it up.

Please drop me a line if you find any others worth making the list ?.

One last thing: ponder this quote from Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Shopping Tip: If you see an image showing that the sticker reduces EMF then just move on, because they don’t. If you want something on your phone that blocks or neutralizes radiation then you can get a piece of shungite or buy a radiation blocking cell phone case. BTW, if you’re watching a youtube video that shows that the sticker blocks radiation, it’s really the hand holding the sticker that’s blocking the signal rather than the sticker reducing the EMF ?.

Jeremiah Makin

My passion for protecting my family from the dangers of EMF radiation and Dirty Electricity has turned into a quest to protect as many families as possible and improve our overall health. There are many ways to protect ourselves. Ignorance is no protection!

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